Q: Where is Arcade Bus Station?

Answer.  Arcade Bus Station is located at Highway way Road Near Sandek Junction. You can catch local taxi to Arcade Bus Station. See Location

Q: Why I should travel with Prempracha Transport

Answer. Because Prempracha Transport is the only authorized company that have the right to operate transportation service to Pai, Mae Hongson, Mae Sarieng. Thus, we are under control by Government Department of Land Transport. Therefore, There are no other company that have the right to operate such a service. 

Q: Where I can by ticket from Chiangmai to Pai

Answer. You can buy ticket at Arcade Bus Station. Or send us an inquiry by submit the form

Q: If I were aboard and want to book Ticket to Pai what should i do?

A: Now you can send email to us via info.prempracha@gmail.com and we will reserve a ticket for you or submit inquiry form.